The world’s most expensive player confirmed his new function as Puma’s poster boy at an open letter published on social networking.

“I grew up seeing videos of fantastic soccer legends like Pele, Cruyff, Eusebio and Maradona….who every played Puma.

“For all these reasons, from now onward, I have the honor to combine together with the brand that aided the greatest legends of soccer become exactly what they are,” he wrote.

Neither Neymar nor Puma gave particulars of the period of the contract or just how much it was worth.

Speculation was flying that the 28-year-old would signal with Puma because his acceptance deal finished with Nike, the company who had sponsored him because he had been a 13-year-old prodigy.

News that a bargain was struck was first released by Brazilian sports website Esporte Interativo, that will be notorious for breaking the story of Neymar´s move from Barcelona to PSG in 2017.

Citing”exclusive info,” it said details about the arrangement and Neymar’s initial promotional looks Puma were expected”in the coming days.”

Neymar had seemed to drop signs that a deal was said Esporte Interativo.

He followed Puma, PumaFootball and eight additional reports connected to the new on Instagram, also published an image of himself Thursday with what seemed to be a part of a puma in the backdrop.

Neymar’s final agreement with Nike was allegedly an 11-year contract worth a total $105 million.

Forbes magazine, which positions him that the world’s seventh highest-paid star, quotes his earnings for this year at $95.5 million, such as acceptance prices.

PSG paid a listing 222 million euros because of his move out of Barcelona in 2017.

Together with his lanky excellent appearances, tattoos, ever-changing hairstyles and enormous following on social networking, Neymar is among the greatest names in sport and outside — although his brand was tarnished occasionally.

Away from the pitch, he’s faced accusations of fraud and also a 2019 rape allegation.

Brazilian authorities afterwards disregarded the latter case, citing a lack of proof.

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